The Manchurian Candidate

By 9th March 2008 No Comments

This 1962 conspiracy thriller is a real work of art considering it’s age and cast. Frank Sinatra takes the lead part and with the exception of Von Ryan’s Express his filmography doesn’t consist of great films. However he really shows his acting capabilities in this film and completes some challenging scenes very well.

A former prisoner of war is brainwashed to be a political assassin, however another former prisoner may hold the key that unlocks these mysterious circumstances. Janet Leigh and Lawrence Harvey co-star in what is (even now) a very effective and extremely controversial film of the time film.

I think that The Manchurian CandidateĀ is very well put together, the acting and the ending are done to perfection. Frank Sinatra gets the thumbs up which is a rarity in my reviews as I’m normally rather critical.