The Manchurian Candidate

By 7th January 2009 No Comments

Denzel Washington plays Captain Ben Marco in what has turned out to be a very good remake of the 1962 original. The Manchurian Candidate isn’t a carbon copy of the original, as it has made subtle changes but they still managed to seriously spoil it. It seems they decided not to use certain scenes that appeared in the original, scenes that would in my opinion make a huge dramatical difference to the story.

During the first Gulf war Captain Marco and his team were ambushed leaving the captain rendered unconscious, and Sergeant Raymond Shaw stepped up to the task and becoming a war hero. Or did he? Capt. Capt. Marco has been having bad dreams about Kuwait and now could it be possible they were brainwashed into believing Raymond Shaw saved all those people for political gain? People at Manchurian Global certainly don’t seem to want him to find out.

This 2004 version of The Manchurian Candidate is a reasonable remake, but nowhere near as good as the original in my opinion. This is especially evident having watched them back to back. End Review.