The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Tim Burton, director of 1989’s Batman and 1992’s Batman Returns, along with a host of other films (including Edward Scissorhands and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory to name but a few) presents The Nightmare Before Christmas, a wonderfully imaginative festive animation. This fantasy musical was originally written by Tim, and then adapted to script for the silver screen.

Jack Skellington is the “pumpkin king” of Halloween town, in which each year it’s inhabitants try to make Halloween the scariest it’s ever been. Although Jack is somewhat unsatisfied with his current situation, therefore decides to embark on a short-lived journey to discover what’s missing in his life. He soon finds “Christmas Land” a place in which happiness is all around and there is a leader known as Santa.

Jack decides to kidnap Santa in an attempt to fulfil his own needs of spreading joy instead of fear, this sadly does not work as no matter how hard he tried his “dark side” is present in everything he does. Jack soon realises that he’s “meant to be” the king of scream and has to put right what has gone wrong, this includes saving Santa and the lovely Sally, whom is in a spot of bother with “oogy boogy” after trying to help Jack see the error of his ways.

This unique film brings smiles, laughter and morals to it’s story, The Nightmare before Christmas is a great animation that “does it old school” and is as great a musical as it is a comedy. Add Batman and Edward Scissorhands composer Danny Elfman (who also lent his voice to a variety of characters) to this already impressive accolade and you have a film that is tremendous fun for all the family, standing up very well to repeat viewings for years to come whilst still carrying the same wonderful impact it has upon it’s first look.

Daniel Crocker

Daniel Crocker

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