The Skeleton Key

By 25th March 2010 No Comments

Kate Hudson stars in this great horror mystery as Caroline Ellis, a 25 year old carer for the elderly. When you utter the word horror in recent years the automatic thought is a rubbish over the top slasher movie that has a large body count and a very bad plot, however The Skeleton Key creates a whirlpool of intrigue and every scene has you guessing away at the eventual outcome.

Caroline decides to quit her job at the hospital to care for an invalid at a house in Louisiana. Literally as soon as she gets there she is swamped with anxiety and webs of lies that seem to get even more tangled every time she attempts to unravel it. She soon discovers that the house was once inhabited by two black slaves who were hung in tragic circumstances, these slaves were practitioners of hoodoo and finds a room in the attic devoted to them. She suspects Violet of putting an evil spell on her invalid husband and attempts to break the spell and get him out of the house. Little does she know that there’s more to this than meets the eye.

The Skeleton Key is a thoroughly enjoyable film that grips you from start to finish, the plot is a psychological mouth watering maze that is intelligent in it’s execution and filmed very well. I thought Kate Hudson was very good and found it a very pleasant surprise to find such an enjoyable horror film and despite the fact The Skeleton Key isn’t exactly an instant classic it was still a great popcorn flick.