The Terminator

By 1st January 2008 No Comments

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in his most famous role as futuristic cyborg “The Terminator” in the 1984 box office hit of the same name. Directed by James Cameron who later went onto Oscar winning success with Titanic and also directed the critically acclaimed Aliens.

In 2029 super computers have begun dominating the planet and war has broken out between man and machine. The Terminator has been sent back to the 80’s to kill Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) as she is the eventual mother of human resistance leader John Connor. To prevent this John Connor sends a human called Kyle Reese to protect Sarah.

I have always loved this film and always will. With the notorious catchphrase “I’ll be back” and the initial plot, this sci-fi thriller is one to watch. The effects do however look dated now, but that shouldn’t put you off as the action and Schwarzenegger himself (who is perfectly cast) are breath-taking.