The Wicker Man

By 17th April 2007 No Comments

This cult classic I have recently viewed is one to certainly watch, I think because it’s so strange more than anything. The Wicker Man resembles Stanley Kubrick’s weird and wonderful “A Clockwork Orange” but only in the way that there both low budget 1970s films with weird interpretations of things. Christopher Lee was excellent fresh from his final outing as Dracula, playing Lord Summerisle. Edward Woodward is the sergeant and Britt Ekland plays a rather stunning role.

Sergeant Howie is called to an island in Scotland to search for a missing girl, he soon finds that all is not as it seems in this little village and getting a straight answer out of people is a task of the impossible. With the beautiful Britt Ekland revealing all (if you know what I mean) and the wonderful twist at the end this will definitely have you biting your nails.

I really enjoyed The Wicker Man despite the fact it is noticeably low budget it sort of adds to the spookiness of the film. I await the release of the remake on DVD with much anticipation; it should be very interesting to see how Hollywood has handled this unique film.

Interesting trivia will tell you that a year later (1974) Christopher Lee and Britt Ekland both went on to star in bond film The Man With The Golden Gun alongside Roger Moore as 007. Christopher Lee played bond villain “Scaramanga” and Britt Ekland played the dizzy blonde “Agent Goodnight”.

So is The Wicker Man worth buying? To tell you the truth, this film is becoming rather difficult to find at reasonable prices but even so I highly recommend the experience even if that means renting a copy. Sit down with your favourite beverage (or narcotics, if you are so inclined) of choice and just enjoy what is on offer.