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So the day has come where we must introduce the fourth feature in our “20 days of 007” campaign of film reviews, today 1965’s Thunderball is on the agenda.

I have personally always strongly disliked Thunderball as far back as I can remember. It’s certainly no Goldfinger but a recent open-minded viewing of it has brought me to the conclusion that Thunderball is actually a very good Bond film. Sean Connery returns for his fourth outing as James Bond 007 and doesn’t disappoint, with this piece of cinematic history featuring great plot and many great action sequences.

When all of the 00 agents are called in for a top secret meeting they are informed that the American and British governments are being held to ransom by evil organization SPECTRE for $100 million. SPECTRE has two nuclear bombs which will be detonated within four days unless their demands are met. As you should be able to now predict with pinpoint accuracy, 007 is on the case and soon tracks down the weapons to the Bahamas. Unfortunately he still has to deal with SPECTRE’s No2 Emilio Largo.

Things could be worse for 007; the four or five women that he gets off with in this movie could have been hideous; fortunately they are far from it.

I really enjoyed my latest viewing of this film; it was quite enlightening to see it in a different light compared to my usual immediate dismissal. The Aston Martin DB5 makes a glorious return, as do the wonderful stunts and gadgets. The jet pack was great as was Tom Jones’ vocal talents for the film’s theme song.