Tomorrow Never Dies

By 25th February 2012 No Comments

Day 18 of our “20 Days of 007″ series of film reviews continues with Pierce Brosnan’s second outing as 007, Tomorrow Never Dies.

Co-starring with Mr Brosnan is current Desperate Housewives phenomenon Teri Hatcher who plays Bond girl Paris Carver and Jonathan Pryce plays psychotic tabloid villain Elliot Carver.

Crazy media baron Elliot Carver only needs broadcasting rights in China to complete his global communications empire. However the Chinese appear stubborn, and in an attempt to punish their uncooperative ways he hatches a diabolical scheme which involves starting a war between them and the British. When a British warship mysteriously sinks on Chinese waters the trouble begins and 007 embarks on a mission against the clock to uncover the truth before World War 3 commences. Any big fan of the James Bond films will know that World War 3 has become almost something of an inside joke in the frequency in which 007 must seemingly single-handedly prevent it, and Tomorrow Never Dies is certainly not going to be the one that breaks that tradition.

Despite a lot of potential from the storyline it is unfortunately executed very badly, the villain is disappointing on an unimaginable scale and is quite frankly the worst Bond villain ever. Teri Hatcher doesn’t prove much better as she is completely wooden and I won’t even get started on the new “action Bond girl” who unfortunately doesn’t cut it as the Chinese agent Wai Lin. The so called humour that they tried to impose on us in Tomorrow Never Dies just wasn’t funny and to be quite honest the whole film is just such a disappointment, particularly by Bond standards.