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Unbreakable is a drama/fantasy/thriller made in the year 2000, it was written, directed and produced by M. Night Shyamalan and stars Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson. Shyamalan has become notorious for his films being of a supernatural aspect, having created such films as “The Sixth Sense” (which also starred Bruce Willis), “Signs” and “The Village” all containing elements that are supernatural in one way or another, and covering the many different ways of being supernatural.

Unbreakable is the third time out of four that Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson have worked together in films, the first being “Pulp Fiction”, the second being “Die Hard 3″ and the fourth being a upcoming film called “Black Water Transit”. Despite receiving harsh criticism from reviewers, Unbreakable grossed $249,511,339 worldwide.

David Dunn (Willis) is on his way home to Philadelphia on the train, he’s a normal guy, with a wife and child, or so he thinks. When the train crashes, and he’s the soul survivor of what seemed to be a fatal crash, without a single scratch on him he begins to ask questions of himself. It soon becomes apparent that David can’t remember ever being ill or injured in his whole life, and when he meets Elijah (Jackson) his world takes another interesting spin.

Elijah suffers from a disease that makes his bones very fragile, and very easily breakable if protein isn’t regularly consumed, he has an obsession with comic books, and owns a gallery dedicated to the illustrations he makes of comic book characters.

When Elijah goes to David with a theory that he has a “gift” that he can use to protect people with, like a superhero, David is initially sceptical, until he makes discoveries within himself. David can bench 350ibs, has an instinct within him that can sense danger and he appears to be “unbreakable”. When he discovers these things he then begins to see the light, but there are many questions still unanswered, like how it’s effecting his family, and what Elijah’s true intentions are?

Unbreakable is a very dramatic film, it is written very well and M. Night Shyamalan has produced a very fine film. The acting in this film is breathtaking; Bruce Willis is absolutely brilliant and proves himself as a very good actor with a lot of versatility, rather than just an action man. I thought the beginning of the film was particularly good, however the story drifted into areas that became frustratingly annoying, the comic book aspect for example did get on my nerves. Despite this, it maintained a high level of suspense and intrigue as the film took you to questions that you wanted answered immediately, and it was very unique in its style.

Willis and Jackson have a great on screen chemistry that really works, and like Willis Jackson was also very good. Unbreakable was very entertaining and should get more credit, but I can also see the other side of the coin as to why it would be disregarded, so in my opinion going in with an open mind is the best approach for this film.