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James Stewart stars in the Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece, Vertigo. This film really is the epitome of cinematic genius and amongst Hitchcock’s best work, if indeed not the best. James Stewart gives one of his personal best performances that really contests that of his Wonderful Life performance. Despite the astonishing fact that Vertigo flopped at the time, it is now considered one of the best films ever made.

John “Scottie” Ferguson (Stewart) is a San Francisco detective suffering from vertigo, when he is called on to a case by a special friend of his, in special circumstances, he unhappily accepts. He is sent on the trail of his friends wife, who seems to be suffering a mental illness of sorts, she takes unexplainable actions throughout her day and then suddenly appears fine with no memory of actually doing anything. When Scottie begins to fall for her she then mysteriously dies, this has left Scottie heart broken and mourning her believing that had it not been for his vertigo he would have saved her. As he tries to forget the past and move on he meets anther woman, who looks exactly like the one who’d died, except for the impossibility of it. Could they be one in the same woman? Is someone deliberately setting Scottie up? Who is responsible? These are questions you find yourself asking in this great suspense-filled thriller.

Vertigo has to be one of my all time favourite films, the sheer brilliance of the plot and the script alone have you in admiration, but the acting and the renowned style Hitchcock uses make this a great spectacle of motion picture history. Jimmy Stewart is on top form as is his co-star Kim Novak who gives the performance of her career. Vertigo is the standard of film that great film-makers of today aspire to and it’s brilliance will never be forgotten.