White Heat

By 4th May 2006 No Comments

The original gangster James Cagney stars in this excellent mob movie. Cagney plays Cody Jarrett, a “mob boss” who suffers from terribly painful headaches that make him appear even more psychotic than your average mob boss. Devoted to his mother “Ma Jarrett” and a ruthless leader of his team, Cagney is superb and scary to be honest he’s that good.

White Heat follows the story of Cody, a mentally disturbed gangster, who befriends a man (who happens to be an undercover detective) whilst in prison . When his mother is murdered by his wife’s lover who is one of Cody’s men, things start to get very interesting. When Cody escapes his new “friend” soon becomes his right hand man and they plan the robbery of all robberies for one big payday, still unaware of his “friend” being an undercover detective. He soon kills his wife’s lover and they begin there next job. However it all kicks off at the end with the “copper” revealing himself and one big shoot-out with the police. Then we bare witness to Cody’s death with his last immortal words “made it ma, top of the world!”

As a huge fan of the gangster genre, I simply adored White Heat, witnessing acting of the very highest standard. James Cagney was absolutely brilliant, and really help make the film something special.