You Only Live Twice

By 12th February 2012 No Comments

We continue our “20 days of 007” with the fifth film in the series, the delightful You Only Live Twice of 1967.

Sean Connery returns as James Bond 007 for one of the more adventurous Bond movies. The great Ernst Stavro Blofeld makes his first proper appearance and is portrayed by the late Donald Pleasence (who is perfectly cast). When the U.S. & Russia both have rockets mysteriously disappear in space they immediately blame one another for the disastrous incident.

Little do they know that evil organization SPECTRE and it’s leader Ernst Stavro Blofeld (and his cat) are behind it. 007 discovers that the location of the base is Japan and with the assistance of Japanese agent Kissy Suzuki (Mie Hama) and a load of ninjas he decides to infiltrate Blofeld’s lair in a daring stunt to prevent World War III.

This very adventurous Bond is great fun, Connery and Pleasence in particular both shine. I really like You Only Live Twice, especially the ending, however the only flaw is that Sean Connery’s Japanese conversion goes on for a little longer than necessary; something which has been referenced by both Wayne’s World and Austin Powers on a number of occasions.