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Aces of War for Sony PSP: An Overview

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What better inspiration than World War II for an arcade flight simulator game? Well, Aces of War moves up the ladder in this list. Based on real aerial battles like Pearl Harbour and many more, supported by an in-depth briefing session makes it interesting. There are a variety of modes like simulation to feel real physics in play, arcade if you like added firepower, combat, freeflight to try a variety of World War II locales, cooperative or versus to enjoy.

Not only do you have 40 aircraft under your control, you can win mini games to unlock several secret ones to store in one big hangar. Try escaping attack from opponents, bomb them out, trail enemy fighters. You can even replay your heroism stunts. The action includes high octane dogfights, brave bombing raids and hair- raising aerial missions. Be a part of the Allied or Axis air forces flying genuine war aircraft like Spitfire, Lavochkin 5, Ju-87 Stuka or the P-47 Thunderbolt.

Attempt nearly 240 missions completing patrols, strategic bombings, or just air support and move through 13 campaigns that are non linear. The sights and sounds match the historic period the game is set in.

Daniel Crocker

Daniel Crocker

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