Alvin and The Chipmunks for Wii: An Overview

The Rockathonapalooza is the mother of all music competitions, and the world’s number 1 kids band, The Chipmunks, are there for one reason and one reason only; to save their hometown’s music club from closure. Put yourself in the tiny shoes of either Alvin, Simon, or Theodore, and prepare to rock your way to heights you never thought you’d be able to achieve before.

A rhythm game cut from the same thread as it’s contemporaries, Alvin In The Chipmunks has you play through various venues- a Prom, at the Mall, a Civic Centre, a Ski Resort, and even places like a Tree House or through a Dream Sequence, jamming and jiving through hip hop cuts by Run D.M.C, tracks by the King Of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, and even relive classic Chipmunks joints such as Witch Doctor, Christmas Don’t Be Late, and Alvin’s Harmonica. There are a total of 40 songs- including a track exclusive to the Wii version, R.E.M’s “Stand”- that stand before you, and many of them will pave your path towards the legendary Rockathonapalooza Area, the final obstacle between you and (more) glory. An additional multi-player mode adds further variety and replayability to this squeak-tastic package.

Daniel Crocker

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