Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood for Windows PC: An Overview

Once more, fate has found you filling the boots of Ezio Auditore da Firenze, who finds himself locking horns with Knights Templar yet again, this time across the vast city of Rome. This time, however, you are not alone; in this Assassins Creed outing, you are able to put together a crack team of assassins with their own specialized skills and weapons to aid you, undertaking solitary missions or assisting you in your kills; the money obtained from these may be used to rebuild the now crumbling city, undoing the damage done by the fierce battles. Further missions also become available to you as you play, as done a wider array of weapons and equipment, from the classic two-sided concealed blades, and even an early parachute concept designed by Leonardo Da Vinci. As the focus on team based gameplay hints, there was a big emphasis on making the multiplayer experiences as engaging as the solo campaign, with a variety of different modes of play, and a selection of vastly different characters to use.

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