Assassin’s Creed II: White Edition for PlayStation 3: An Overview

Life for Eizo, a young Italian nobleman, was pretty cushy all things considered, as you would expect. Happiness doesn’t always last, however, and soon Eizo’s life comes crashing down around him as several members of his family are killed in cold blood. Settling for nothing less then the truth (and maybe a little vengeance), Eizo adopts the white robes of an assassin and takes to the streets. Backed by weapons designed by Leonardo da Vinci, you take to the streets (or rooftops (or rivers)) of Rome either by foot, by horseback, by Gondola or even by air, undertaking various assassination missions, each one pointing you in the direction of the powerful and influential Borgia family, learning the delicate art of camouflage as you go along. The path to justice is littered with dark truths and ugly secrets waiting to be uncovered, and it’s going to take all of Eizo’s resolve to stomach the seedy underbelly of the city he thought he knew. This special edition re-release of the came comes with an additional quest, three Templar Lairs, an authenticity signature on the box, and an Eizo figurine.

Daniel Crocker

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