Assassins Creed Origins [Limited Edition] for PlayStation 4

Assassins Creed Origins [Limited Edition] for PlayStation 4: An Overview

We’re taking it back to the start, when Chaos and Balance first traded blows…

The story of Assassins Creed has blossomed into a deep, complex, well-documented one over the several titles to the bare the series’ name to come out in the last decade; it has taken us all throughout human history, blending sci-fi with historical fiction all along the way, the ever-raging battle between the liberty-minded Brotherhood of Assassins and the iron-fisted Order of the Ancients / The Templar Order waging throughout them. This game seeks to take us all the way back to the beginning, as the title implies, taking place in the Ptolemaic Period in Egypt. A good story without good gameplay would not amount to much, but the series’ trademark stealth action is in full form here, with a few minor and some major tweaks to help it flow as fluidly as it possibly can.

This special edition of the game includes a couple of physical goodies based on in-game items.

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