Assassins Creed Origins (Limited Edition) for Xbox One

Assassins Creed Origins (Limited Edition) for Xbox One: An Overview

A battle between chaos and order, stretched throughout history…

The Assassins Creed games are known for their twisting, winding story; a never-ending battle fought between the Brotherhood of Assassins and the Templar Order, once force fighting for freedom and liberty and the other vying for iron fisted control of the world and it#’s future. It’s an epic tale that blends historical fiction and sci fi, embellishing them with a few non-fiction touches and backing it all with cutting edge stealth action gameplay. This latest entry in the series, however, promises to up the ante considerably; as the title implies, it’s taking us all the way back to the very beginning of the story, showing how the conflict got it’s start in the tumultuous place and era that is Ptolemaic Egypt…

This special limited edition version of the game comes with additional physical goodies, based on items from the game.

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