Back To The Future: The Game for PlayStation 3

Back To The Future: The Game for PlayStation 3: An Overview

The enigmatic Doc Brown has gone time travelling yet again, except this time, only the DeLorean returns from the journey; the good doctor himself is nowhere to be seen. Figuring pretty quick that this could spell some serious trouble for the future of time itself, Marty McFly teams up with the hesitant young Emmett Brown and travels back in time to 1931, intent on rescuing the good doctor from the hands of death, and saving the future from complete erasure. The story is broken up into five episodes, and as with any good adventure game, story progression is handled through a mixture of clue/item gathering, puzzle solving, and making use of Marty’s excellent conversational skill to befriend locals, or talk your way out of trouble, although a built-in hint system is available should you find yourself stuck and unsure how to progress. A big plus is that many of the original actors for the characters- including Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd as Marty and the Doc- return to voice their respective roles, and for the ultra-nerds out there, the game comes with a bonus DVD that includes a Making Of documentary for the game, covering each aspect of the games’ development cycle in detail.

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