Back To The Future: The Game for Windows PC: An Overview

The DeLorean Time Machine has returned to Hill Valley, but there’s quite a big problem; the owner, Doc Brown, didn’t come back with it. This leaves Marty McFly, and a young Emmett Brown, to brave a journey to save the good Doctor; one that spans a few decades, five episodes, and leaves the fate of the future hanging in the balance. The game itself takes the form of an Adventure Game, with progression through the experience based on your ability to solve a series of increasingly difficult puzzles, and your ability to charm (or bullcrud) your way through conversations with the various characters you meet. There is a hint system within the game to prevent some frustration if you get stuck, however. It’s clear a lot of love and effort went into the game, as not only are the returning characters voiced by their original actors, but the game also comes with a bonus DVD that features a Making Of documentry spread over five videos, with word from the artists and designers, and even additional extras such as trailers for the five in-game episodes, and special profile videos for the main cast.

Daniel Crocker

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