Balls of Fury for Wii: An Overview

Life for Randy Daytona has never quite been the same since his father died, but getting roped into official FBI business regarding a gun smuggler named Feng probably wasn’t how he expected to spend his Wednesday. That the crime lord has something to do with his old man’s death- and his history as an ex-Olympic Ping Pong player only adds to the tension. As luck would have it, however, an underground Ping Pong tournament just happens to be taking place at Feng’s hideout, providing the FBI the chance to use Randy to bring Feng to justice, and Randy a chance at revenge…

The main game consists of 6 tournaments, and initially you are given the choice of 10 characters to play as. Progressing through the tournaments unlocks more, however, each with their own unique shot styles and power serves. Additionally, an Exhibition and Story mode are available for play alongside the main game, as well as a a multiplayer mode for when you and a friend feel the need to prove who’s better at Ping Pong.

Daniel Crocker

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