Batman: Arkham City [Steelbook Edition] for PlayStation 3: An Overview

You thought things were bad enough when you were fighting Gotham’s greatest freaks and malcontents on their own turf? Well, now they’re back on YOUR stomping ground, doing what they do best; turning the city into the sort of place only people like them see fit to live. And, just like before, it’s up to you- in the role of Batman- to show these ne’er-do-well their place.

Whether you’re more a fan of action game fare, punching and kicking your way to the end, or prefer a subtler, investigative style of play, this game has a balance between both elements (and a massively upped ante in regards to weapons and items to go with it- for both the caped crusader and his rogues gallery), making it an absolute must for fans of either- and fans of the Big Bad Bat, of course.

This limited edition version of the game comes in a special Steel Book case, and contains the Joker’s Carnival Challenge Map mini game accessory, a vintage 70s Batman skin, and the animated feature Batman: Under The Red Hood in Blu-Ray format.

Daniel Crocker

Daniel is the founder and head of development for the Nerdscoop website.

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