Birds Of Steel for PlayStation 3

Birds Of Steel for PlayStation 3: An Overview

The last great war fought by humanity, World War II, is famous for some incredibly intense aerial dogfights, and this game seeks to emulate some of those fights, with intricate details pertaining to actual air combat an essential component of the package. Whether your aim to recreate the battles with peak historical accuracy, or entirely rewrite history as you see fit, this game allows you to do both, from the pilot seat of over 100 real life plane models, across 16 different locations from all over the world and over the course of several procedural missions. The locations themselves are based on actual satellite images of maps of places like Pearl Harbor, Gudalcanal, and Wake Island, further deepening the sense of realism. The game can be enjoyed both offline or with online connectivity, through 4 player co op or competitive multi player modes that pit you against 16 other players in ridiculously frenetic aerial action. If you’re looking for a realistic, action packed air combat simulator with a punch, then Birds Of Steel is an absolutely essential purchase.

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