Blades of Time for Xbox 360

Blades of Time for Xbox 360: An Overview

This hack and slash game promises not just action but entertainment as well. You are Ayumi, the bounty hunter who can also use the gunsword. She lands in a strange and deadly island which has been affected by Chaos magic. In her search for treasures, she comes to know that the island houses not just jungles, wild fruits and solid gold but also many mysteries.

She has to not only counter powerful enemies but also evade traps. Within her grasp are immense superhuman powers that are bestowed only to the bravest of warriors. There are many interesting playable characters like Ayumi and her mentor Zero. Ayumi moves through intricately designed snowy lands, dense jungles, vast ancient cities, huge temples and sky islands. As the game progresses, you can unlock a variety of fighting skills like melee, tactics, combos, and also powerful Order and Chaos forms of magic.

You can clone yourself to solve puzzles, face opponents. The Dash ability lets Ayumi to speed through different locations as well as close the gap with her foes. In multiplayer mode, choose to play coop, campaign or battle modes.

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