Burnout Paradise Remastered for PlayStation 4: An Overview

Escape to paradise… and muck more then a few cars up big time in the process!

Burnout is a name tied to some of the most aggressive, destructive, crash heavy and overall chaotic high-octane action within the racing genre, and that pedigree has kept the series alive and thriving for an incredibly long time- the first game dropped in 2001, after all. Well, that, and getting to watch the ridiculous crashes and wipe outs in slow motion- some may argue that aspect is actually what the public gravitated towards more. Burnout Paradise, the seventh game in the series (and currently the second-to-last produced), made waves by introducing an open world element into the mix- rather then following the frigid framework of a scenario mode or a more arcade-driven experience (pardon the pun), you are allowed to travel across the map of Paradise City and engage in races and missions at your own pace. The end result is a unique experience that a great many players gravitated towards, as indicated by the many awards and accolades it received during its initial release.

Ten years after its debut, Burnout Paradise Remastered brings the game to the current console generations with all the fixings you’d expect- a 60fps framerate and  support for higher resolution monitors (up to 4K Resolution) being the main hooks)- and the game also includes almost all of the prior DLC packs released for the standard version on-disc, as standard. The only DLC missing is the Time Savers pack, which automatically unlocked all the vehicles at the start of the game without need to progress through the single player mode to get them.

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