Child of Eden for PlayStation 3

Child of Eden for PlayStation 3: An Overview

From the brain of Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the famous game designer, comes this multi-sensory shooter game.

Want to experience synesthesia? It is nothing but a smooth integration of visual, audio and touch media in gaming. From the mind of Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the famous game designer, comes this “multi-sensory shooter” game. The ever changing conglomeration of music and visuals are in sync with the players.

Your task is to bring back hope and peace to Eden the paradise. The USP of this game is that all the movements the player makes during play is synchronous with the awesome video and effects. In the enthralling game, Child of Eden your objective is to prevent the attack of a computer virus on Project Lumi, to restore hope and peace to Eden. Project Lumi, that is aimed at reproducing human personality inside Eden that will serve as the archive of all human memories. But now, the archive has been affected by a computer virus.

By bringing physics in synergy with spectacular visual and audio, Child of Eden is creating the next-generation sensory experience. Play through a quintet of levels named Matrix, Evolution, Beauty, Passion and Journey. Though the PS3 version is PlayStation Move compatible, it plays even without it.

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