Dark Souls Remastered (Xbox One) for Xbox One

Dark Souls Remastered (Xbox One) for Xbox One: An Overview

Gamers, come and sit down for a minute; we’ve got a very serious question to ask you. It is a question we anticipated having to ask one day and, well, though the day came round much quicker then we though, we think you’re mature enough to be able to handle it. Are you comfortable? Ok, well, here we go;


Yes, you heard that right; the original Dark Souls, routinely touted as one of gaming’s hardest sacred cows, has graced the latest console generation with it’s impenetrable, uncompromising charms, and it takes about as many prisoners as it did the first go ’round (read: exactly zero). Said Diamond-tier difficult gameplay has been left untouched and unaltered, meaning veterans of the original release will immediately feel right at home having their butt kicked in by anything and everything- but this time, things look much, much prettier. And we do mean much prettier; the textures and models have all been reworked and look absolutely stunning, especially compared to the original title, and as mentioned above, the game runs at a steady 60fps, and outputs visuals at 4K Resolution. Trust us when we say this: Gitting Gud had never looked this beautiful before, and probably never will again (well, not until Dark Souls II HD drops in 2022, anyway).

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