Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim [Special Edition] for Xbox One: An Overview

We’ll spare you the story about the arrow to the knee, you’ve probably heard it before…

Much has been written about Skyrim since it’s initial release, and for good reason; at the time, it was by far and away one of the most expansive open world games ever developed, allowing players near complete and total freedom in what they wanted to do. The central quest the game was built around could be called the game’s main focus, sure, but there is an endless list of side quests, little jobs, and interactions way off the beaten path for those with enough of a taste of adventure to chase them. And the ways in which you could approach each and every step of all of the quests, missions, and tasks was- and arguably still is- very impressive in scope. Throw in a wonderfully written, told, and built up story set in a vaguely gritty fantasy world, and it’s not hard to see why the game caught on to such a degree, or or with such longevity.

This special edition version of the game comes with a significant graphical upgrade over the original, all three DLC packs as standard at no extra cost, and capabilities for mod implementation on console editions of the game for the very first time.

Daniel Crocker

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