EyeToy: Play for PlayStation 2

EyeToy: Play for PlayStation 2: An Overview

The first game released for Sony’s little camera that could, EyeToy: Play arguably did the Wii’s whole “motion controlled family friendly minigame collection” before the Wii was even a thing. The biggest difference, of course, is that the EyeToy is the periphery, and control of the games is based on the movement of your entire body. EyeToy: Play features a total of twelve selectable minigames like Keep Ups, UFO Juggler, and Ghost Catcher, and many many more, each one more madcap and manic then the last. In keeping with the camera based interaction, players that attain high scores in their minigame of choice are awarded with not only a position on a leaderboard, but are even given a chance to take a photo to tease and taunt other players with. Though games of this kind became increasingly common throughout the 2000s, EyeToy: Play could be considered something of an originator, and still packs plenty of charm into every aspect of it’s design.

Daniel Crocker

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