Far Cry 5 (Gold Edition) for PlayStation 4

Far Cry 5 (Gold Edition) for PlayStation 4: An Overview

A gross bastardisation of Separatism has infected parts of Montana, and it is up to you to clear it out.

Dark days have descended upon Hope County, Montana, and local preacher Joseph Seed estimates that they will only get darker- that is, without the aid of his new church, Eden’s Gate. Afraid of further disaster and amongst murmurs that the very world may be ending, a high percentage of the population converts to the congregation. Things quickly begin to spiral out of control, however; Eden’s Gate quickly assumes an authoritative control of the area, crushing any would be rebellious forces with the weight of his forces. He even manages to kidnap several powerful lawmakers and law enforcement agents in his ongoing quest for power and total reign of the country. All except you, that is; a junior deputy who had the poor, dumb luck to get swept up in these separatist shenanigans…

This is the Gold Edition of the game, which includes the following; the base Far Cry 5 experience, a full Season Pass that unlocks more story and gameplay content, several DLC Packs as standard- the Digital Deluxe Pack, the Big Game Hunter Pack, the Ace Pilot Pack, the Explosive Pack, and the Chaos Pack- and an AR-C Assault Rifle and .44 Magnum Handgun with unique skins as additional weapons for your overall arsenal.

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