Far Cry 5 [Limited Edition] for PlayStation 4

Far Cry 5 [Limited Edition] for PlayStation 4: An Overview

A riveting cautionary tale of what happens when a community puts their trust in the wrong man- and you have to go in and clean up the ensuing ruckus.

Separatism: “the advocacy of a state of cultural, ethnic, tribal, religious, racial, governmental or gender separation from the larger group”. Sometimes, Separatist Movements are pushed for by peoples who seek nothing more then greater autonomy, especially movements spearheaded by underprivileged or oppressed classes; however, the term has historically been applied to, and is most commonly associated with, movements centred around poisonous ideologies like sexism, racism, or religious supremacy, masterminded by individuals with wholly personal interests in the movement’s success.

Joseph Seed, head of the Project at Eden’s Gate movement that has swept through Hope County, Montana, is one such individual; posing himself as the lead saviour of the area in the wake an oncoming end-of-days-type scenario, in reality he has only sought to isolate the community, sow dissent and distrust amongst those who believe and those who do not, and has militarised most of the populace that follow him for his own ends. An arrest attempt is made, but it ends up backfiring- badly so. With several influential law men in his capture, it falls on the player- assuming the role of an individual caught up in the mess happening at Hope County- to return some modicum of normality.

This exclusive-to-Amazon special edition of the game comes with the Outlaw and Chaos DLC Packs as standard, on top of the base game.

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