FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch

FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch: An Overview

When the game’s this beautiful, you can only hope it’ll go on forever!

The FIFA brand is a heavily celebrated one in the world of football games, and not without merit; EA Sports have consistently gone above and beyond to make the titles in their flagship series some of the most realistic and engaging simulations of football available on the market, something which has only become more and more pronounced as technology has marched on. FIFA 18, the latest in the series, wears that realism proudly; the players are among the most controllable they’ve ever been, and the tight gameplay mechanics structured around that control allow for some of the most intense football matches ever seen (a cynic might argue even more intense then any that’ve been on air in the last couple of years). The much lauded storyline mode The Journey returns under the name The Journey: Hunter Returns, and is a direct plot line continuation of FIFA 17’s mode. 

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