Football Manager 2018 [Limited Edition] for Windows PC

Football Manager 2018 [Limited Edition] for Windows PC: An Overview

Football so liquid, you could drown in it!

Ahhhh, football: a game as beautiful as it is profitable. For many of us, the Sunday game is the highlight of the week, and the victory of our lifelong team is a taste so sweet only a Red Velvet Cake could come close to matching it. For others, though, there’s a greater desire and love for the sport; they want to be the man behind the players, the one devising the tactics and deciding the positions. Thankfully, whilst becoming a real-life football manager is a little trickier then you might first think, Sega and Sports Interactive’s long running Football Manager series of simulation titles recreate the experience as realistically as possible.

Disparaging comments from the non-faithful may opine that not much changes in these games beyond mere roster updating, but Football Manager 2018 boasts not only tightened mechanics in addition to such updates (including much touted refining to the Match engine), but is even stepping into fairly bold territory in a major way: it is entirely possible for players in your teams to come out as homosexual during your campaign. As with any and all situations a manager aiming for the top will encounter, how you handle it and the outcome that follows will be the true marker of your quality and professionalism- so think carefully on it!

This Limited Edition version of the game comes with a double-sided “Management Masterclass” pull-out, which will help guide players through their first steps and early successes as a team manager.

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