God of War for PlayStation 4: An Overview

Everyone’s favourite gritty grim-chin god killer is back, with another pantheon in his sights! (oh and also a son, dunno how he got one’a those)

Love it or hate it, the God of War series made one heck of an impact during it’s lifespan; a great many people grew attached to the tortured (but still very hard and not at all a pansy) soul Kratos, more then willing to join him on the path of enacting slow, painful vengeance on the entire Greek Pantheon for the wrongs they committed against him. In what was likely a surprise to a few, the series has recently been revived for a second go ’round, starting with this brand new re-imagining.

Kratos is older, (arguably?) wiser, and tries his best to be a good father to his young son as they carve out a peaceful life in Midgar. Unfortunately, this is a game series built on fighting and possibly slaying gods, and with the Olympians completely and utterly decimated, it is now the Norse pantheon’s turn. Ah, but perhaps he may find some allies and friendly compatriots amongst the new pantheon?

Though the action remains largely the same as in prior titles, the gameplay has been beefed up in a couple of ways. The most notable include Kratos’ choice of weapon- a heft battle axe this time round- the addition of some RPG elements such as character levelling, and the fact that Atreus can aid Kratos during combat if need be.

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