Hidden Agenda for PlayStation 4: An Overview

The Trapper has you in his sights…

You can’t beat a good crime thriller, as far as we’re concerned, and Supermassive Games have sought fit to fill a surprisingly barren niche with their latest title. Hidden Agenda sees players put into the roles of homicide detective Becky Marney and district attorney Felicity Graves, two law ladies caught up in the ongoing case of a notorious serial killer going under the moniker of The Trapper.

Certain features of the game are fairly typical for the genre; it’s an action adventure title played from the third person perspective, and quick-time events feature heavily in the game as a means of effecting the story’s direction- this includes the survival or death of characters at various points, depending on your reactions (or inactions). There are some more unique features that help the game stand out, however.

Firstly, there’s the game’s use of the PlayLink feature: this allows multiple people to join in the game, voting on specific decisions with use of their mobile devices. This spices up these choice based moments considerably, putting things down to a small democracy rather then one individual’s gut instinct. Secondly, there’s the Hidden Agenda feature, of which the game takes its title; during competitive play, one player will at certain points receive a secret objective unknown to the others, creating additional content as the others gradually figure out (and try to prevent) this other objective from being fulfilled.

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