Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition for PlayStation 4: An Overview

Uncover the truth of your existence!

The idea of fusing disparate themes and imagery in creativity is one with a significant hit/miss ratio, but when it’s done right, it can be quite a sight to behold. Horizon Zero Dawn takes a fairly common theme mash up- Sci Fi and Tribal theming- and uses it to weave a story of a world where human’s are on the brink of extinction, forced off into closed pre-industrial era tribes that live off the fat of the land whilst powerful robotic creatures roam a rapidly decaying earth. Specifically, you play as Aloy, an individual outcast from her own tribe for reasons she does not understand, as she sets out on a quest to discover a few truths; about the world, about what brought it to the state it’s in, and about herself. In tandem with this, the game is an open world action RPG built with some degree of non-linear progression in mind, opening the ravaged earth and all it’s secrets + horrors to the player in the order they see fit.

This special Complete Edition of the game includes the base game, and all previous downloadable content as standard and at no extra cost- including the story mode expansion, The Frozen Wilds.

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