Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition for PlayStation 4: An Overview

What started as an archery contest quickly evolves into something much grander in scope…

It is the 31st Century, and Mankind is no longer the dominant species of the Earth; following a calamity so far in the past that nobody can recall it (and yet so destructive it shifted the paradigm of social and natural order entirely), most of what we know lays in ruins, in which mechanical creatures- the new beasts at the top of the hierarchy- have made their homes. Meanwhile, the remnants of humanity have retreated into the woodlands and jungles of the world, forming primitive tribal cultures that live off of naught by the fat of the land. Aloy, a young but skilled archer, has been outcast from these tribes for her entire life for reasons she does not know, or feel is fair. She intends to prove her worth by winning an archery competition- and securing herself a position in one of the area’s most renowned tribes- but a disaster unfolds during the competition’s final moments that changes Aloy’s life forever. Whether she wanted to or not, she has been thrust onto a journey of discovery; one that will teach her the truth of her very existence, and maybe even the secrets the Ancient Ones left behind…

this Complete Edition of Horizon: Zero Dawn includes the following: the base game; DLC items and packs like the Carja Storm Ranger Outfit, Carja Mighty Bow, and Carja Trader Pack; the Banuk Trailblazer Outfit, Banuk Culling Bow, and the Banuk Travller Pack; the Nora Keeper Pack; and a dynamic PS4 Menu Theme. It also includes a digital art book, cataloguing the game’s design process and art assets in detail.

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