L.A. Noire for Nintendo Switch: An Overview

On these streets, Devils walk amongst the Angels.

Post-war Los Angeles is an interesting place; the borders of the city are expanding farther outward, and the buildings at it’s reach higher and higher into the sky. It is a time of phenomenal growth and prosperity, but with that comes the inevitable seedy underbelly: thievery, prostitution, corruption, murder, and all manner of criminal activity far too grisly to discuss in detail. 

This is the environment in which Cole Phelps finds himself.

Returning to God’s country as the hailed survivor of the Okinawa Campaign, he begins a new life as a humble beat cop. However, fate has grander plans for the decorated war hero; partially by cunning and partially by luck, Phelps finds himself climbing the ladder of success and promotion at the L.A. Police Department, coming ever more into the public eye as he does so. Before too long, he’s the golden boy of the City of Angels, a righteous crusader against all manner of debauchery. Unfortunately, no good deed goes unpunished, as they say; eyes besides those of the public have been keeping close watch of Phelps, and they’re none too pleased with how close he’s coming to uncovering something they’d rather he didn’t…

L.A. Noire lives up to it’s name fabulously; it is a thrilling tale of intrigue with incredible writing and acting, boasts an incredibly faithful recreation of Los Angeles as it was in the late 40s, and is backed by an incredible period-accurate soundtrack of both original jazz music and hit records from the age. It is a worthy addition to any gamer’s collection, especially those looking for something with a legitimately mature edge.

This version of the game features gyroscopic controls, thanks to the aid of the Nintendo Joy-Con controller.

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