L.A. Noire for PlayStation 4

L.A. Noire for PlayStation 4: An Overview

Who do you trust, Cole?

Los Angeles, 1947: in the years immediately following World War II, the city of angels is going through a time of great change. The suburbs are expanding, the inner city grows ever taller, and the then-modern sounds of new Jazz styles sweep through the cities clubs and bars. Decadence is once again rearing it’s head after years of strife, and with that comes an increase in criminal activity; everything from your garden variety thieves and car boosters to your more nefarious murderers and sexual predators, it seems not even California’s beating heart is free from all that good, God-fearing citizens shy away from. Enter one Cole Phelps; a decorated army veteran who earned accolades for his bravery during the Okinawa Campaign, now serving as a beat cop on L.A.’s streets. You’d think the relatively quieter and safer job would offer some respite for Phelps, but it seems nothing can dull his ambition: his diligence and quick thinking in a high profile murder case catches the attention of his superiors, and he quickly finds himself climbing the ladder of success and commendations up the ranks of the police force. However, as he does so, a dark secret gradually begins to come to light: corruption runs deep within the city of Los Angeles’ highest ranking officials, and what on the surface seems altruistic is simply a mask for something much more sinister…

A dark tale of mystique and intrigue, this port of Rockstar Games’ epic Noir thriller boasts finer texture details and graphical fidelity, upgraded and more advanced weather effects. and a number of new camera angles.

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