LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 for PlayStation 4: An Overview

This game’ll give you more then just pictures of Spider-Man!

Traveller’s Tales continues to fire on all cylinders with the latest in a now long-running series of LEGO-themed parody games that poke light hearted fun at the pop culture of the day, their target once again being the expansive Marvel Universe. Hardly surprising they’re able to continue milking the source material for content, really; with how bloated the comics have become and with the movie universe gradually growing to rival it, Traveller’s Tales could keep making these things and nothing else and STILL come up in the red.

Thankfully, the parody isn’t shallow; certainly it’s written with a family audience in mind, but it is incredibly witty, biting where it needs to be, and consistently funny and entertaining throughout; indeed, the series’ trademark humour is the bedrock on which the company’s LEGO games are formed, and are a big part of why they’re so highly praised. Gameplay is by no means an afterthought, though; the gripping action from previous games in the LEGO Marvel sub-series is as tight and as playable as it’s always been, with Time Manipulation added to the player’s roster of available abilities and a four-player competitive multiplayer mode for extra replayability.

Whether you’re a lifelong fan of the comics, more then a little sick of all the darn superhero films and TV series, or just looking for a fun action title with some laughs to spice things up, this game is sure to please!

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