LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 for Xbox One: An Overview

Officially licensed building blocks, assemble!

It’s almost unthinkable, really; absolutely nobody could’ve predicted that a series of action games that are parodic takes on a variety of popular franchises- built out of virtual LEGO blocks, no less- would be among one of the most popular franchises of both the late naughties and throughout the 2010’s. But, then, that’s the funny thing about future predictions; they very rarely turn out like how you’d expect them too.

The latest in Traveller’s Tales fun building block satire’s returns to the ever-expanding Marvel Universe, building upon the previous entries’ action-based gameplay in mostly subtle ways; mostly, little things are tightened up a little bit, to facilitate better flow and function. Time manipulation has been added to the list of possible abilities your characters are now capable of using, however, so there has been at least one major shake up. The humour and writing is, of course, as strong as it had always been- never going into outright sardonic and bitter territory, but not at all afraid to poke fun at the sillier aspects of the source material (and make no mistake, this is Marvel we’re talking about here; there is PLENTY of silly material to mine for humour).

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