Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for Nintendo Switch

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle for Nintendo Switch: An Overview

The crossover of the century! … Maybe?

We’re going to level with you; we did not see this coming. Like, at all. I don’t think anybody did. Perhaps this came about at least in part because Nintendo decided to combat the claims that their output can be a bit samey? It’s impossible to say. Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a turn based, tactical RPG that meshes together the happy go lucky world of Nintendo’s Mario franchise, and the… much less beloved, zany antics of Ubisoft’s Rabbids. Already that’s a bit odd, but even stranger is that it actually comes with a story driven campaign mode- that’s right folks, Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle has lore. A group of Rabbids invade the home of a bright young lady who’s both a master inventor and a die hard Mario fan girl, and in the process of ransacking her place stumble across an invention she’s been having difficulty with: a device that can merge any two items into a single entity, named the SupaMerge Helmet. The girl is developing it with the intention of solving an ongoing energy crisis, but the lunatic leporÄ“s largely make use of it to faff around- until said faffing around leads to the SupaMerge Helmet opening up a dimensional vortex that sucks up both the Rabbids and the girl’s collection of Mario memorabilia. Certainly an interesting set up.

In spite of the slightly odd premise and the unlikely team up, the game is said to be a pretty fun affair. Wacky, definitely, but that comes dime a dozen with the Rabbids and hey, y’can’t fault Nintendo for having a bit of fun at their own expense and being willing enough to take a reasonable risk on the team-up. If you’ve been quick to write the title off as a cash grab or something that sours the reputation of gaming’s favourite plumber, it’ll pay you to reconsider and give this title a look…

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