Monster Hunter: World for PlayStation 4: An Overview

The world is very much your Oyster in this title. There may even be a few Oysters in it, too. Giant ones. We?óÔé¼Ôäóre not one hundred percent sure, truth be told.

The Monster Hunter franchise has sold gangbusters in its native Japan from basically the word “Go”, but it has continually found difficulty trying to gain the same sort of foothold in the west. What games got released over here certainly gained a strong and fiercely passionate cult following, but there is a great a wealth of gamers out there who have yet to feel an appetite for it. Monster Hunter: World, as the title dictates, is Capcom’s attempt to rememdy that fact.

The most major shake ups in this regard include a simplifying of the user interface and menu system, alongside a selection of detailed tutorials, that will allow players wholly unfamiliar with the series to quickly come to grips with it. Other changes include elements that take advantage of the modern hardware the game is available on- larger connected areas replace the more confined zones of older titles, and monster AI has been significantly beefed up both within battles and in their “wild” states- great care was put into making the ecosystems of the world feel as alive and natural as possible, in particular. Time will tell for sure how Monster Hunter: World holds up, but the current consensus seems to be that it is pulling new players into the franchise, and the simplifying and streamlinging of the redesigned features is being praised by many as a wise step on Capcom’s part. If you’ve ever wanted to see just what the Monster Hunting fuss was all about, now is probably a good time to jump in and familiarise yourself with it.

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