Monster Hunter: World for Xbox One: An Overview

Now, the hunt has gone truly global!

Monster Hunter is a name that likely needs no introduction; it is, after all, one of Capcom’s most successful franchises, certainly over in the East and a fiercely dedication portion of gamers in the West. However, the series has languished somewhat in the latter, partially due to relese date shenanigans and poor advertising. Capcom seem to have taken this to heart, as the “World” subtitle here is a clear indicator.

Released on the same day worldwide, Monster Hunter: World refines elements of the gameplay so they’re easier to come to grips with, without completely sacrificing the core feel series fans fell in love with. The general design ethic of the series’ aesthetic has undergone some slight shifts, likely to appeal more to a western audience that might not otherwise have shown as much interest in the series. Whether or not it has worked in it’s favour without alienating series die hards entirely, time will tell, but Capcom at the very least have been working hard to make sure the game has the best functioning online multiplayer that it can possibly have, so, they certainly seem committed to making sure the game does well.

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