Nintendo Labo [Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit] for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Labo [Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit] for Nintendo Switch: An Overview

A delightful fusion of fun and education, from the house that Hanafuda built!

Sy what you want about Nintendo, you can’t knock their constant dedication to creating wholly unique experiences in the video game medium, and this may well be one of their most ambitious projects in a very long time.

Simply put, the Nintendo Labo is an experience that aims to teach the basic principles of engineering, programming, and even physics. It does so by making use of various iterations of game software, the Switch’s famous Joy-Con controllers, and cardboard cutouts that be constructed alongside and around the Joy-Con’s and the Switch’s screen- these create the titular “Toy-Con” units. The end result can’t even really be described as a video game experience; it’s more of an interactive model kit that aims to inform and to entertain, in a way that only Nintendo really can.

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