Pok?â?®mon Ultra Moon for Nintendo 3DS: An Overview

Fly away on Dawn Wings, and try to catch ’em all once again!

“The seventh generation Pokemon games were smash hits” is perhaps a bit of a “well, duh” statement; it’s rare for a Pokemon title not to be. Never the less, the Hawaii-based Alola won over the hearts of many series die hards and new fans alike, in no small part thanks to the colourful cast of ancillary characters and imaginative new Pokemon designs. Inkeeping with series tradition, updated versions of the games were inevitable, and on June 2017, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were announced. The standard enhancements we’ve come to expect are present and accounted for- slightly reworked story, minor changes to the game world- but in a rather dramatic shakeup, these new titles introduce three new Ultra Beasts- UB Assembly, UB Burst and UB Adhesive- the first time brand new Pokemon (outside of Legendaries) have been introduced mid-generation.

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