Pok?â?®mon Ultra Sun for Nintendo 3DS

Pokémon Ultra Sun for Nintendo 3DS: An Overview

Collect them all once again, but this time moreso and also in Tesco Value Hawaii!

From the word “go”, updated iterations of a given generations Pokemon games are an absolute given; they’re as much a franchise staple as Pikachu, not being able to Bike indoors, and glitching the games to hell and back to get the mons or items you want.

This update to Pokemon Sun, the seventh generation Pokemon title, features all the usual tweaks and additions you’d expect of an updated generation game; the storyline has been ever so slightly tweaked in numerous ways (and including several new characters), upgraded forms of the title’s flagship legendary Pokemon, new Ultra Beast forms for several existing Pokemon, additional Z moves for the Pokemon to use, brand new activities such as Mantine Surf, the Alola Photo Club, and Ultra Warp Ride, and new collectibles such as the Totem Stickers that allow players to unlock Totem Pokemon. By all accounts, this is the definitive way to experience the seventh Pokemon generation, and is an absolute must-have for series fans.

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