Pokken Tournament DX for Nintendo Switch

Pokken Tournament DX for Nintendo Switch: An Overview

It’s not quite the King of Iron Fist Tournament you’re used to…

Battling is nothing new to the Pokemon franchise; it’s been there since day one, both as an element of a larger overall game or the sole focus. But it’s usually a lot more methodical- turn based, heavily strategic, sometimes slow and methodical, that sort of thing. There’s usually a lot less Lucha Libre Poach Action™ going on. Nintendo decided that simply would not do, and partnered up with Namco Bandai’s Tekken team to produce one of the more usual entries in the extended Pokemon Universe; Pokken Tournament. An absolute godsend to everyone that ever wanted to battle ‘mons with Tekken tech against a background of thumping EDM music.

This enhanced port of the original game features the four exclusive characters from the arcade original, a brand new exclusive character specifically for this port (bringing the total roster up to 21 selectable Pokemon), and additional gameplay modes for extra replayability.

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