Rush Rush Rally Racing for Dreamcast

Rush Rush Rally Racing for Dreamcast: An Overview

Retro racing fans rejoice! A brand new Dreamcast game in 2009? Yes, it’s true! The folks over at Senile Team have produced what is arguably one of the best top-down 2D racers of all time with Rush Rush Rally Racing. In their own words, RRRR features "no sponsored cars" and "no realistic environments" but without these constraints they have been able to concentrate on what really matters – making the game "just plain old fun!"

  • Single-player grand prix mode with four difficulty levels
  • Three multi-player modes to enjoy with up to four players
  • Five race cars to choose from
  • 10 Grand Prix race tracks
  • 9 additional multi-player race tracks
  • Awesome soundtrack by Black Device
  • Autosave to VMU (any port, file uses just 2 blocks)
  • Region free
  • Rumble pack support
  • Compatible with original Dreamcast pads, arcade stick, and third party controllers
  • Supports PAL (50/60 Hz), NTSC and VGA displays
  • Configurable controls and many other options
  • Animated cut scenes
  • Plus even more unlockable content!
  • Online high scores

And that’s not all, racing fans… Rush Rush Rally Racing is region free. Play on your PAL Dreamcast, your American NTSC Dreamcast, or even your Japanese NTSC Dreamcast. The choice is yours alone, but whatever you choose, RRRR will play superbly and without issue. Prefer to play using the VGA cable? That’s fine, R4 supports it flawlessly. I really don’t know what more retro racing fans could ask for!

Daniel Crocker

Daniel is the founder and head of development for the Nerdscoop website.

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