Sleeping Dogs for Xbox 360: An Overview

There’s a tenuous line between right and wrong; even more so for undercover cops. Sleeping Dogs is an exciting duel role game where you play both criminal and cop. You go undercover into one of the most infamous Triads of Hong Kong and try to do your job while proving you are loyal.

A free roam world where you can explore Hong Kong and either perform civil duties or commit crimes to incite officers. Fighting, parkour, shooting, street racing, and once you’re done playing around you can delve into the story. Switching back and forth between Triad assassin and Hong Kong detective.

Roam the streets and make your own decision to play good cop or bad. Fight for both sides as you explore the story and try to take down the most dangerous gangs of China. Either way you play, you will be tested. Which will you choose – good or evil?

Daniel Crocker

Daniel is the founder and head of development for the Nerdscoop website.

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